Cremation vs. Burial: 3 Important Things to Consider When Deciding

In this article, Maloney Funeral Home will explore three important things to consider when it comes to cremation vs. burial. Both these options for internment have their pros vs. cons depending on the preference of the funeral planner. It’s important to separate these options from just financial considerations. Funerals are a deeply personal experience that affect family members, friends, loved ones and others. Although there is a myriad of factors to consider when choosing between these two options we will examine what we consider to be the three key considerations to take into account when choosing cremation vs. burial.

Major Differences: Cremation vs. Burial

First, let’s start with the starkest differences between the two methods of internment. Cremation entails incineration of the body where only ashes remain. Burial, meanwhile, keep the body intact to be buried as the name implies. The differences continue from there. Cremated remains are by definition transportable. This means that you can them home with you in a container such as an urn. Burial limits the location of the remains to a specific resting place. That means that any visit to your loved ones will have to occur at a particular geographical location unless otherwise moved, a costly endeavor.

Cremation vs. Burial: Environmental Impact

As society-at-large moves towards being more environmentally conscious, the conversation necessarily includes the different effects on the environment of cremation vs. burial. The conversation is not as crystal clear as one method leaves more remains behind versus another leaves less. The cremation process has been criticized for leaving significant amounts of pollutants in the air. The burial method has also been criticized for its use of non-biodegradable materials that pollute the earth. Both concerns can be addressed by your funeral director. There are options between both methods that can minimize and even completely eliminate in some cases some of these environmental concerns.

The Belief Cremation vs. Burial Concerns

Depending on your culture or religious beliefs you might have some concerns as to the options you might have of cremation vs. burial. There are some misconceptions about cremations for example, that a viewing is not possible. This is not true. Modern-day cremations can have celebrations of life before the cremation occurs. Similarly, some eastern religions such as Hinduism require cremation. This leads one to assume that a burial is not possible after cremation. Again, this is inaccurate. A cremation can be combined with a burial giving you and your loved ones the option of visiting a gravesite for the foreseeable future.

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