Sarasota Cremation Services

Cremations as a disposition choice suffer from a slew of misconceptions about their options. Maloney Funeral Home’s Sarasota cremation services are just as personal as burial and funeral services. The most known form of cremation, called direct cremation, is one of several options you can choose as part of your cremation options. We will explore your options in this article to hopefully leave you better informed as to the benefits, options, and limits cremation as a disposition offers.

Typical Cremation Options

Sarasota cremation services run the gamut from direct cremations to traditional funeral services followed by cremation. The formal denotes the most basic offering of cremation. The body is cremated and the remains returned to the family with no funeral, memorial, or graveside service. The second most common cremation type includes a memorial service. Cremation is usually soon after death with a service held afterwards for the family at a meaningful place such as a funeral home. The third form of cremation services is a traditional funeral service. Traditional services include a viewing, a service and cremation at a later time.

Personalized Sarasota Cremation Services

Personalized cremations are our specialty here at Maloney Funeral Home. We believe that a cremation, like any other burial service, needs to be a therapeutic experience for the family left behind. With the disruption death can cause, the process of cremation may add undue concern to grieving family members. A celebration of life cremation can help alleviate some of this distress. From serving your loved one’s favorite ice cream to releasing balloons, displaying memories through photo boards or even playing a tribute video, cremations should have the same focus in mind, celebrating the unique life lived.

The Maloney Sarasota Cremation Services Difference

Maloney Funeral Home approaches Sarasota cremation services in a different way. We approach cremation with a deep tie to our company philosophy to help hurting people. Personalized cremations are our specialty. We will strive to comfort your family with a variety of options to celebrate your loved one’s passing. Every service is customizable and affordable according to your need. Our family centric approach begins with ours and ends with yours. We pride ourselves in providing an honest service with no sale gimmicks and a view towards building long lasting relationships in our Sarasota community.

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