The Lowdown on Low-Cost Cremation Services

Not all burial options are created equal. Low-cost cremation services have emerged as a cost saving alternative to traditional disposition options. The old perception that cremations are impersonal and provide no comfort to grieving family members is simply not true. Low-cost cremation options are as varied as their traditional burial and funeral counterparts. Maloney Funeral Home is here for you and your family with a handy guide to navigate your cremation options.

Benefits of Low-Cost Cremation

Low-cost cremation choices offer more benefits as a disposition option than just their traditionally lower associated costs.  Cremation is considered to be a more environmentally friendly option due to minimal to no effect on land. The remains from cremation are also portable and require minimal space to store. This makes it easier for burial or transportation in case families opt to keep the remains. And lastly compared to a traditional funeral, cremation proceedings are simpler. Ease of process is an important consideration for those dealing with the difficult event of a loved one passing away.

Low-cost Cremation Option: Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a low-cost cremation service considered to be the bare bones of disposition options. Direct cremation consists of the immediate disposition of the body without any additional processes. A simple container is usually used to store remains with no viewing, visitation or wake before the cremation. Maloney Funeral Home does not recommend this option. There is potential for survivors to have lasting emotional problems from inadequate grieving. Other cremation options can be customized to fit any budget to ensure you and your loved ones have time to mourn your loss.

The Maloney Approach: Cremation with Care

Low-cost cremation services do not have to leave your family’s need to grieve unsatisfied. Cremation can feature all the benefits traditional burials offer without the associated costs. Viewings and visitations can be planned to happen before cremation to ease your loss. Celebrations of life can be added as part of the burial process with a personalized experience designed to fit the diseased.

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