Funeral Pre-Planning: Top 3 Reasons to Plan for Your Funeral

There is a common saying among funeral industry professionals; any time is a good time to plan for your funeral…except at the time of your funeral. Funeral pre-planning is not an easy topic to breach with your loved ones let alone yourself. It is an essential part of ensuring the process of your passing is as smooth as possible for those who care for and love you. But we all need some convincing sometimes. Maloney Funeral Home has put together a few key reasons why funeral pre-planning should be a requisite to your after death arrangements.

Funeral Pre-Planning Eases the Burden on Your Loved Ones

The speed at which things move when a loved one passes away is dizzying for anyone in their right mind. For someone who’s grieving it’s almost inconceivable. The notifying loved ones, contacting various services, talking to funeral homes, arranging processions the list goes on and on. This process is further complicated when the deceased left no directions as to how to manage their passing. Did they prefer an open or closed casket? Did they want a religious or non-religious ceremony? How much money should be spent on the funeral? Funeral pre-planning answers all of these questions and more. The availability of this information can go a long way in buying precious mental bandwidth to grieving loved ones.

Assume Financial Responsibility

Among the largest stressors during the funeral planning process is the cost. Funeral arrangements are not cheap. They also come at an inopportune time giving loved one almost no time to properly budget for arrangements. Funeral pre-planning can alleviate this concern. You can take control of the financial burdenthat comes from funerals by properly budgeting for it while you are still able to. An additional benefit will be that you will be more knowledgeable as to the final amount of monetary inheritance you leave behind. Your estate will be all the more prepared to execute your will.  

Funeral Pre-Planning Your Wishes

No one truly knows you like you know yourself. Therefore it stands to reason that no one can plan your funeral better than you can. Not only that, but funeral pre-planning can allow you to include elements you know will be comforting to your loved ones. You can reassure those left behind with hints of shared memories and thoughts from beyond the grave. We all have regrets as the twists and turns of life pulls us in multiple ways. Your funeral might be your last chance for a final word behind. Use it to your benefit.

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