The Most Common Types of Burial Options

The world of funerals and burial planning can be a little scary for the first timer who’s found themselves in the unfortunate position of delving into it. Options, costs, and terms abound that may set an already grieving mind down a rabbit hole of confusion. We, at Maloney Funeral Home, aim to disrupt this process. We’ve put together a quick overview of the most common types of burial options to give you a quick preview of what to expect. We intentionally kept this list down to basics and forgo nuances for more in-depth analysis to a more comprehensive article.

In-Ground Burial Options

Our first dive down the world of burial options comes to us in the form of in-ground burials. This is the traditional burial choice that typically involves a casket and a memorial to accompany it. This should be your first choice if you want to be able to visit your loved one in an outdoor environment and be able to place flowers or other decorations on their grave. The closeness with the passed loved one this burial option makes it the most popular of all burial options.

Above Ground Burial Options

Above-ground, burial options come in three different general choices. The most economical option is the community mausoleum above ground burial. This will guarantee an indoor space and a crypt for the interment of your loved one. A popular above ground burial option is the lawn crypt memorial. This option is prevalent for two-people burials and keeps the space clean and dry. The last above-ground burial option well-known today consists of interment in a private family mausoleum. This is a limited option but includes a plethora of personalization options.

Natural Burial Options

Natural burial options are the new but not-so-new method of burials. They are a non-traditional interment alternative that is becoming more popular due to their eco-friendliness. A natural burial eschews the traditional methods of embalming, placement in a casket or a burial vault. Instead, a more natural route is taken where the body is directly buried for natural decomposition. Additionally, no machinery or heavy equipment is used to dig the gravesite. The area is dug by hand to minimize earth disruption around the gravesite.

Cremation Burial Options

Cremation burial options differ depending on the final interment of the remains. The modern funeral home such as Maloney Funeral Home will have three options for you when it comes to cremation services. The first option is a funeral service with a viewing beforehand. This is the most similar option to a traditional funeral service with cremation at the end of the proceedings. Memorial services are just like a regular funeral service but without the body. And lastly, immediate cremation is the most basic cremation option with a cremation followed by delivery of the remains to the family.

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