Three Things to Know Before Planning a Funeral

The purpose of a celebration of life or funeral is to celebrate the life of your loved one. Unfortunately, that can be hard to plan with the gamut of emotions a loss of life introduces into the life of family members. With this in mind, Maloney Funeral Home has put together a list of three things you should know before planning a funeral. We want to make sure to be there for you in your time of need, whether directly through our services, or indirectly by sharing our knowledge about this process.

Planning a Funeral

The first thing to internalize about planning a funeral is that this event will be for the living and not the deceased. This celebration of life will be reflective of your loved one, yes, but it will ultimately be for the loved ones left behind. Capturing the essence of your loved one will have the added effect of giving everyone a chance to properly grieve. Memories of the loved one should play a key role in the services as it allows grieving family members and friends a chance to recapture and revisit their own memories.

Funeral Costs Vary

A huge concern of funeral planners is the cost associated with the proceedings. It’s important to keep in mind that part of the responsibility of your chosen funeral home is to give you plenty of options to choose from to meet your budgetary needs. Sales tactics should be the last thing on the mind of your preparer. From direct cremations to personalized celebrations there is an option to fit every budget. Find a trusted funeral director to help you choose the best fit for you and your loved one’s celebration of life.

Funeral Directors

The key to planning a funeral is going to be your funeral director. A good funeral director is not just a service provider but a significant part of your grieving process. Your loved one’s celebration of life only happens once you don’t want to take any chances. The funeral director will be your main point of contact and your best source of information as to options, planning, and finally managing the event itself. With the emotions associated with a funeral, a good funeral director is critical.

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