Understanding Typical Funeral Costs

The world of funeral planning does not lend itself to the realm of the easily explained. This particular slant is not ameliorated by the emotional charge usually associated with these services. Funeral costs are often an unknown factor to those who find themselves in need of funeral arrangements. It behooves the smart consumer to be as informed as possible about funeral costs before the day when they are less of a choice and more of a requirement. Maloney Funeral Home understands that information is power. We’ve put together a quick overview of the various costs that may be associated with your funeral arrangement needs.

Funeral Costs: Basic Services Fees

The first cost you will encounter when it comes to funeral costs will most likely be the basic service fee. It may sometimes be referred to by its longer name “Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff”. The longer name points to the source of the costs in a more descriptive manner. Basic services fees usually cover regular operations associated with a funeral inside the funeral home. This can range from paperwork to overhead costs to properly storing remains and covering auxiliary staff costs. The basic services fees will vary depending on the type of funeral arrangements you are planning. A lower service fee may be an indication of higher costs associated with the following other funeral costs.

Additional Services and Goods

The additional services and goods funeral costs are usually optional services a funeral home offers to facilitate the vision you have of a loved one’s funeral. Additional services and goods cover fees for services such as embalming, cosmetic preparations, viewing or visitation and much more. This is such a key component of funeral planning that the Federal Trade Commission regulates just what can qualify as an additional service. This is in an effort to ensure that you understand the difference between required fees, basic services fees, and optional fees for additional services and goods. Knowing your rights is important to Maloney Funeral Home.

Cash Disbursement  

The cash advance or disbursement fee refers to any additional financial burden your chosen funeral home will undertake on your behalf and with your informed consent. Funerals are complicated processes that include a mix of third-party vendors to properly deliver on your funeral arrangement wishes. Services that fall under this fee will include musicians, car rentals, flowers, and others. The funeral home will incur these charges and bill you accordingly. It’s very important to keep in mind that any charges will be listed as charged by the third party vendor on your bill with any included discounts the funeral home may have acquired. This helps increase the transparency of the funeral costs associated with these fees.

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