Planning Ahead

Planning ahead brings peace of mind, financial
benefits and is truly a gift of love.

Let us help you put your final wishes in writing. Maloney Funeral Home will make the funeral planning process simple by guiding you through all the decisions from your choice on disposition to planning the perfect celebration. This way you can rest assured knowing the burden is not left for your family.

Planning funeral services whether it is for yourself or a loved one is never a “fun” task. It’s not something many wish to even think about, deal with or plan out.

However, just like having your financial house in order for when the inevitable day comes that your family and loved ones must journey on without you, it is an act of Love.

In my decades of service to families, I have personally walked with those who have lost a loved one who had planned it all out as well as those who have not. They are both very difficult but one eases the burden of decisions considerably.  I have created a helpful guide to help you put those decisions down on paper before the need is here. When you lose a loved one, you undoubtedly experience the worst days of your life without question. The weight of loss overtakes emotions and that is not the time to carry the additional load of the many decisions and financial obligation.

Even though the subject is difficult, I would implore you to address it. The more that can be done in planning beforehand will help more when faced with these issues when your last day arrives.

Sometimes that day slaps us unexpectedly. Whether you and your loved ones are faced with that or wish to utilize the planning guide and arrange your services in advance, we at Maloney Funeral Home are committed to helping you in any way. We have been through this and count it an honor to walk with you and to serve in order to bring honor and respect to you and your loved ones. We are here for you……

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Plan Ahead