Cremation - Urns


There a couple different avenues when it comes to cremation.  Obviously, all these options will include picking up from place of death and bringing the body into our care, filing all needed legal paperwork concerning the death to report to the state and county, creating the death certificate (Sarasota County charges $10 each for these), obtaining medical doctor’s approval and cause of death, obtaining medical examiner authorization to cremate (medical examiners charge is $35 for this), placing the obituary on our website and in any newspapers you wish (sometimes the newspapers have a charge) and then the cremation process itself. 

  1. Basic Cremation entails everything above and is the most economical way to go.  Generally this charge will be about $900 plus any urns or jewelry you may add but are not necessary.
  2. Cremation with a Memorial Service is similar to a basic cremation but we’re adding the use of our staff and facilities for a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life.  This is going to run about $1300.  The body is not present but pictures, memory tables and flowers are encouraged.  Some added options to this would be a register book that attendees would sign, memorial folders or prayer cards, flowers and a clergy honorarium to conduct the service.  Some like to incorporate a luncheon or meal afterwards which can be catered.  
  3. Traditional Cremation is very similar to a traditional funeral.  We can have a viewing the night before the service which can be at Maloney Funeral Home or your place of worship.  A rental casket will be needed or a cremation casket will need to be purchased as well as the items listed above for the Memorial Service.  This is going to run approximately $4000 and up depending on the merchandise selections that are made.  

A frequent question that clients ask is how long does it take.  There are many things that need to done before the cremation can occur.  We need to meet with the family to have all information gathered, authorizations signed and some form of payment.  I will then create the death certificate, secure a doctor to sign off and add the cause of death, notify social security, register the death with the state and county, secure Medical Examiner Authorization to cremate and order the certified death certificates from the county Vital Records Office.  This all usually takes about week.  Sometimes a bit sooner.  Sometimes a bit longer.  If it is important to the family for your loved one’s cremated remains to be present at the service you are planning then it is highly advisable that services not be planned or set up until we know exactly which day the cremation is going take place.  If it is not important for the cremated remains to be present, then the service can be set up whenever it is convenient for you.  I hope this helps.  As always, if there are any questions, I am always available by phone or email.  

Dean Maloney