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Tips: Choosing a Funeral and Cremation Provider in Lakewood Ranch, FL

You need to lay a loved one to rest, and this process begins with your selection of a funeral home. Who should you trust to handle the most important details of these end-of-life services? As you are preparing for funeral and cremation in Lakewood Ranch, FL, take time to consider your options. Maloney Funeral Homeis here to provide the full support you need, including personalized services based on your unique preferences.

We understand that you have many choices when it is time to choose a service provider. Here are a few things that you need to consider before finalizing your decision:

Experienced Funeral and Cremation Services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

When you are working with an experienced team, you will feel good in knowing that they’ve walked this pathway before. Our staff has a solid reputation and a proven system to support families through the funeral planning process. We aren’t starting from scratch. Instead, we have quality funeral services that support you in choosing the most important decisions that affect the outcome of this event.

One of the reasons why you should consider Maloney Funeral Homeis that we help families from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Over the years, our team has served many families in the community. We can assist with events both big and small, giving you the personalized support that you deserve.

Custom Funeral Planning

Your event doesn’t need to be a basic experience. Instead, consider the unique details that will make it stand out from other services you’ve attended. Whether you are choosing a traditional funeral or a memorial and cremation, we are here to help.

One of our specialties is assisting families with themed services. For example, if you want to make it a memorable event, then you choose a specific theme that honors the person you are remembering. Did your loved one enjoy football? Then hang jerseys for decoration and show clips from their time on the field. Or, you might design a music-themed event, with the person’s favorite songs or even a live band.

Keep this important thing in mind: funeral planning is about honoring the life of your loved one. Each person had unique experiences that should be communicated through this gathering. Consider what the person would have wanted as you are designing funeral and cremation in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Full-Service Care

It might be a stressful experience if you are trying to coordinate services from multiple providers in the industry. Instead of taking a DIY approach with funeral planning, talk to our staff to receive all the services you need from one team.

At Maloney Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on the full-service solutions we offer our customers. Our goal is to reduce your stress and optimize the overall experience. Whether you choose a basic cremation plan, or you’d like to go big with a traditional funeral, we offer everything you need behind-the-scenes to ensure the outcome of this event.

Preplanning and Immediate Support

The timing of each funeral service varies depending on the person’s unique circumstances. Unfortunately, there are times when families need to say goodbye unexpectedly, and they are faced with difficult decisions that need to be addressed in a few short days. At Maloney Funeral Home, we offer immediate help if you need to get started as soon as possible. Simply pick up the phone as soon as you know that a funeral plan is needed.

Alternatively, our funeral planning staff is always here to assist families who would like to discuss preplanning. We know the benefits that come from preparing for the future. If you decide that preplanning is right for you, then you are welcome to schedule a consultation to learn about your options.

Even though it might seem strange to design funeral services when you are in good health, this process ensures that your desires are met when you are gone. You can plan a party for your loved ones, or leave behind your requests for a simple gathering if desired. Additionally, preplanning is a great way to share your wishes for religious or cultural ceremonies.

The most important benefit of preplanning is that your family doesn’t need to face the most difficult decisions for a last-minute funeral. They will have peace when they know that you shared your wishes for the event

Talk to the Leading Funeral Home in the Area

What support do you need for funeral planning? As you are considering your options for service providers, know that Maloney Funeral Homeis always here to help. We provide everything needed for quality funeral and cremation care in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a basic and direct cremation?

Starting at $900 Maloney Funeral Home. Direct cremation includes the following:

  • Local transfer of remains into our care
  • Filing all needed legal paperwork concerning the death and reporting to the state and county
  • Creating the death certificate
  • Obtaining medical examiner authorization to cremate (local medical examiner charge is $35)
  • Placing the obituary on our website, Facebook, and in any newspaper you wish (may incur additional charges depending on the newspaper)

What is not included in the basic cremation service in Maloney Funeral Home?

  • Merchandise, such as cremation casket or alternative container, urn, and outer interment receptacle.
  • Memorial items
  • Any cash advance items, such as crematorium or cemetery fee(s), certified death certificates, etc.

What is included in traditional cremation service?

  • Similar to a traditional funeral service, a viewing can be arranged the night before the service at Maloney Funeral Home or your place of worship.
  • A rental casket OR cremation casket will need to be purchased as well as the items listed above for the Memorial Service.

How much is funeral service in Florida?

In Florida you will spend most likely $6,500 for a traditional funeral service. Others vary depending on your requirements for desired funeral. Funeral Service Packages.

How much is cremation in Florida?

A cremation in Georgia will cost starting from $500 for a simple cremation, on the other hand it can cost you around $3,500 depending on the cremation inclusions. Cremation Packages.

How long does cremation take in Florida?

The actual cremation process takes between two to two and a half hours. The deceased is reduced to an average of three to seven pounds of ash. Learn more about cremation.